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Why You Should Be Packing Your Parcels With Postal Tubes, Rather Than Any Other Packaging

Postal tubes are a versatile packaging choice that allows you to package a wide variety of items, like posters, artwork, blueprints, fragile items and paintings. Moreover, they can be utilised for unique uses aside from the packaging, such as storage, planting plants or arts and crafts. 

The durability of the material

Most postal tubes use a high-quality standard of materials which means the products clients receive are of a premium standard. They are also designed to strike the perfect balance between strength, weight, and durability, to keep your postage costs to a minimum.

The durability of the material can reassure you that your post will arrive without any damage to the item inside!

Postal tubes are underestimated in durability and strength. The cardboard used is made from 100% recycled fibres and is much stronger than industry standards!

You might be considering plastic packaging instead as it has a more trustworthy appeal, but it is terrible for the environment and in this day and age more people are becoming aware of the waste they produce and are less likely to invest in plastic packaging.

If you need to transport your goods for a long period of time or want them safe from moisture and other elements that might damage the product; then cardboard is perfect.

The material is durable enough to withstand all sorts of conditions while keeping its shape so nothing will get damaged on the journey, potentially saving money in the long run.

Impact on the environment 

These tubes are the perfect solution for those with concerns regarding plastic and the environment. Our postal tubes are manufactured to be fully recyclable in all households, with cardboard which can be recycled up to a further three times in new products and plastic end caps which are now easily recycled.

Even the tube winding process is chemically waste-free as any waste is re-pulped and reused up to three times in small cardboard products.

Our products are completely eco-friendly, so even if you can’t find a suitable way to personally reuse your cardboard tubes, you can be assured that when placed in the correct recycling bins, the materials used to create our postal tubes will be recycled entirely.

Even the glue we choose to bind the cardboard tubes together is water-based, meaning that it can break down with ease.

High levels of waste, particularly packaging waste, can be an issue for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By providing materials from packaging that can be easily recycled, or even reused, you can benefit the businesses that you work with.

By reducing that waste, and providing more sustainable choices, you can help to make other businesses greener as well as your own. With many companies being charged premiums on the removal of waste, it makes far more sense to provide recycled materials over plastics and similar non-eco-friendly options.

The reduction of plastic use for packaging is having a significant effect on the environment. Old postal tubes are being reused for packaging, in unique ways or are recycled resulting in no contribution to landfill waste.

This new change in attitude is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and rapidly contributing towards a greener planet massively. Furthermore, cardboard is a biodegradable material which means it breaks down much quicker than plastic.

The use of cardboard results in a reduction of up to 60% in CO2 and oil emissions compared to other materials. 

Value for money

Our aim when producing postal tubes is to keep your postage cost to a minimum. This is why one main advantage of using postal tubes is their value for money.

This form of post packaging is much cheaper than any other and many businesses are now opting for this solution. Yet this method doesn’t compromise quality or safety.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and lightweight packaging option, then this could be the best. The material is robust enough to provide protection but doesn’t weigh your product down the way heavy materials can, which can be costly in the long term.

On top of this, when you order your cardboard in bulk, it can save a great deal on packaging costs. 

Cardboard is an eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging option for many products because of its lightweight design. It saves on fuel costs as it creates a more streamlined product to transport, saving you money in the process! 

Fuel efficiency is beneficial in so many ways. You can save on fuel costs, reduce your carbon footprint and work closer to sustainable living. So take the step to achieve this and start using postal tubes today.

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