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A2 Mailing Tubes

We manufacture our A2 mailing tubes from sturdy and durable cardboard to ensure your products are as protected as possible when either being shipped or being stored. 

A2 mailing tubes are perfect for securely protecting and shipping medium-sized documents like posters and prints, measuring 420 x 594 mm.

Our Promises With A2 Mailing Tubes

Custom Tubes

Want your logo or web address printed on your cardboard tubes?

We have the ability to print any desired text or branding directly onto your A2 mailing tubes or wrap your tubes in our stock colours.

Reliable Deliveries

We are pleased to offer next day delivery within the UK for our A2 mailing tubes and for our other stock products.

We can deliver bespoke products with 3-5 business days. All of our deliveries are able to be tracked for your peace of mind. We accommodate to Royal Mail sizes.

Dealing With The Manufacturers

Dealing directly with the manufacturers has many benefits including quicker deliveries, a direct contact line to us for any amendments or adjustments to your order and fair pricing.

High Quality A2 Mailing Tubes

Our A2 mailing tubes are created from high quality materials using top of the range machinery.

They are designed to protect the contents inside, delivering your items in the exact same condition they were originally sent off in.

Quick Enquiry Form

Please fill in the form below. We aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

An Eco-Friendly Company

We strive to continue our eco-friendly status which we achieve by numerous factors including being chemically waste free during the tube winding process, creating fully recyclable cardboard tubes (including all elements) and ensuring our completed products are able to be re-pulped and reused in the cardboard product chain.

 We are always striving to discover new ways to improve our environmentally friendly company. 

tucked ends cardboard tubes tied together

Environmentally conscious?

Tucked Ends

Continuing to improve our eco friendly company we have designed the new tucked ends option for our cardboard tubes. 

These are completely plastic free, creating a partial seal with cardboard instead. Ideal for lightweight posters, artwork and documents. 

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