eco-friendly cardboard tubes

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Tubes

Essex Tubes is an environmentally friendly company.  This begins with sourcing the material and continues through the manufacturing process and ends with delivery to the customer. We always strive to limit our impact on the environment.

Our environmentally conscious company

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Tubes

Sourcing The Materials

We work extremely hard to source the most eco-friendly products to use in our eco-friendly production process. All of our suppliers share our commitment to limiting the impact we have on the environment.

A Continuing Mission

We are always on the look out for further ways to sustain and improve our eco-friendly status and are continually creating and designing innovative products and systems to do so.

The Manufacturing Process

Our entire eco-friendly tube winding process is chemical free as our glue is water based and any waste cardboard is sent away to be re-pulped so that it can be re-used again and again in further cardboard products.

tucked ends cardboard tubes

Our newest eco-friendly design

Tucked Ends

Our brand new product eliminates plastic components entirely by using only cardboard to secure the ends of our cardboard tubes. This is possible by giving our tubes extra length which is then pinched together to create a partial seal, thus keeping the contents secure. 

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