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Cardboard Void Formers

The wide choice of diameters and strength of our tubes comes to the forefront in this application. We have supplied 50mm diameter cardboard void formers for the M16 building in London right up to 500mm diameter for support posts on the M4 Motorway.

Information On Cardboard Void Formers

What Is A Void Former?

Cardboard Void Formers are very important for architects and builders in keeping a structure secure until the concrete being used has set and solidified.

Advantages Over Metal

Cardboard is considerably lighter than metal but it is dense enough to bear large amounts of weight.

Added Strength With Cardboard Void Formers

Cardboard Void Formers can be left behind opposed to being removed which adds a filler to the structure, which in turn decreases the risk of the structure faltering. Architects are not only using void formers to make their structures lighter but also for added strength.

Eco Friendly

All of our products here at Essex Tubes are completely eco-friendly, the fibreboard used for our cardboard void formers is created from recycled materials. Our manufacturing process also does not create any chemical waste.

Quality Assurance

Our cardboard void formers are made from the highest quality materials available and will not falter under pressure from construction materials. Our products are vigorously tested to ensure maximum quality is achieved. When buying cardboard void formers from us, you won't be disappointed: we try our very best to provide you the highest quality cardboard void formers!

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High Quality Cardboard Void Formers

By choosing our cardboard void formers, builders benefit from long-term structural stability and reduced maintenance costs. The void created beneath the concrete slab mitigates future risks associated with reactive soils, enhancing the lifespan of the structure.

Join countless architects and builders who trust Essex Tubes for high quality cardboard void formers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your construction projects are supported by reliable, eco-friendly solutions.

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