top 10 uses for postal tubes

Top 8 Unique Uses For Postal Tubes

Top 8 Uses For Postal Tubes You’ve either recently bought some cardboard postal tubes and have no clue what to do with them, or you’re deciding whether they’re even worth your time. Well, luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 uses for postal tubes, just for you. Some may be …

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cardboard postal tubes

Are Cardboard Postal Tubes Durable?

Are Cardboard Postal Tubes Durable? It’s a good question: Are cardboard postal tubes durable? Well yes – yes they are. You’d be tricked into believing that cardboard is this weak, undesirable material that becomes frail in the rain, or quickly deteriorates into nothing more than paper mesh. You thought that exactly, didn’t you? If you …

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packaging tips for businesses

Packaging For Businesses

Packaging Tips All Businesses Should Be Using Packaging for businesses is an essential consideration when you ship anything to customers. Your packaging says a lot about you, the way your business operates, and your broader business ethos. Many businesses forget this, which leads them to make simple mistakes in the way they handle their packaging.Consider …

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cardboard vs plastic

Cardboard Vs Plastic

Cardboard Vs Plastic We are now more aware than ever before regarding the damage that plastic waste is doing to our planet. Back in early 2018, the government announced its plan to tackle the growing problem of plastic waste. This means that consumers are now more aware of what type of packaging they buy, but …

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how are cardboard tubes made

How Are Cardboard Tubes Made?

How Are Cardboard Tubes Made For Essex Tubes? Cardboard tubes are cylinder-shaped products manufactured from wood pulp processed into varieties of cardboard-like paperboard, fibreboard, kraft paper or composites of paper and adhesive. There are many uses for cardboard tubes across numerous industries, and they are usually fabricated from cardboard ribbons that surround a mandrel in …

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