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Cardboard Postal Tubes

At Essex Tube Windings, we provide sturdy postal packaging tubes used throughout the U.K., created from fully recyclable materials. Whether you are a private individual or acting on behalf of a large company, we are happy to help you choose the right cardboard postage tubes from our extensive range. 

With our top-quality range of products, we can provide a cardboard postage tubes that can be used for all manner of postal packaging applications like storing posters or important documents. Even if you require something more heavy duty, like industrial cardboard tubes, we have what you need. Please visit our popular online shop to buy from our extensive stock range.

Why use our cardboard postage tubes?

High Quality & Affordable

Our aim is to keep your products safe and secure during transit and by using high quality materials, your items will be received in the same condition they were sent.

Our cardboard postage tubes are a great addition to your products safety. From piling tubes to display tubes, we can guarantee high quality, capable of great performance across different applications.

Next Day Delivery

If your mailing packaging needs are urgent we are pleased to offer UK next day delivery on all of our stock products. We ensure we can meet your requirements.

Eco Friendly

We pride ourselves on being an eco friendly company who do everything in their power to reduce waste.

All of our paper postage tubes are able to be recycled and any waste created in the manufacturing process is sent away to be re-pulped and used in other cardboard postal tubes.

These could be custom, heavy duty or just round postal tubes.

No Minimum Order

If you only have the need for one cardboard postal tube, we will happily send you a single tube.

There is no minimum order required for our cardboard postal packaging tubes.

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Custom Cardboard Mailing Tubes

We are able to produce postal packaging tubes on a 3-5 day lead time. Choose from our range of colours or have your logo or web address on the tube outer. This provides a great level of professionalism for your business and is sure to make your cardboard postal tube look unique.

Perhaps you just want to personalise your postage tube for another reason? Don’t worry we’ve got you, with our customisation opportunities we can cater to any of your tube requirements.

We also offer the chance to buy tube ends if you want to secure the ends of your cardboard postal packaging tubes. Never has mailing packaging been so easy and perfectly tailored to you.

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Mailing Tube Uses

Cardboard postal packaging tubes are inexpensive and versatile, so they can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Cardboard postal tubes are typically used for mailing or shipping documents and other items that need to be protected during transportation.

They are also useful for storing long, thin items, such as posters or blueprints. 

Some people use them as a base for making crafts, such as creating a model of a rocket ship or a castle. 

They can also be cut and used as tubes for decorative elements, such as making a lampshade or using them as a base for a vase.

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Anti-roll End Caps

Our brand new Anti-Roll End Caps are perfect for if you’re concerned about your products rolling when in transit. 

With the plastic end cap squared off, this prevents any movement when in delivery. 

If you send the tubes via a courier that utilises conveyor belt sorting, the anti roll plastic end enables them to be entered into a cheaper pricing category. 

Industry-Based Cardboard Postal Tubes

Cardboard postal tubes, essential components in shipping and packaging, seamlessly integrate into various sectors, serving unique needs across industries:

E-commerce: Mailing tubes, safeguard delicate items like posters and artworks during transit, ensuring goods arrive in pristine condition.

Manufacturing: In the manufacturing landscape, postage tubes play a vital role in protecting components during transportation, preserving critical documents and parts intact throughout the journey.

Printing: Widely embraced for mailing large-format prints and promotional materials, shipping tubes provide reliable protection while reinforcing brand identity and professionalism.

Architecture: Architects and construction professionals rely on cardboard posting tubes for convenient storage and transport of architectural drawings and plans, maintaining a polished presentation during client interactions.

Essex Tube Windings caters to the diverse packaging needs of industries, offering customised solutions for cardboard mailing tubes that prioritise durability, protection, and professionalism.

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