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Mortar Tubes

We are the only manufacturer of reusable mortar tubes in the U.K. Each mortar tube is supplied assembled with solid wood bungs.

The emphasis of our production for the professional firework industry has always been on quality and safety. Each tube to be used for pyrotechnics is specially made for this purpose.

While the nature of the use of these tubes prevents us from guaranteeing their lifespan, an independent test proved that our mortar tubes surpassed the firing performance anticipated by BS 7114.

Our mortar tubes

Mortar Tubes

A Range Of Products

Not only do we supply mortar tubes but we also manufacture a selection of Catherine wheel spindles, mine pots and candle pots. We can produce a range of sizes starting from 34mm in diameter with no limit to the length.

High-Quality Mortar Tubes

We use only the highest quality materials to produce our Mortar Tubes as quality can affect the efficiency of the tubes. All of our mortar tubes are supplied with solid wooden bungs.


All of our mortar tubes are entirely eco-friendly due to being produced from 100% recycled fibreboard and are able to be recycled after use.

Fairly Priced Mortar Tubes

By purchasing directly from the manufacturer you are automatically offered a fair and competitive price.

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health and safety 

Safety Is Our Priority

Fireworks displays have an element of danger to them and at Essex Tubes we take safety extremely seriously. All of our Mortar Tubes have been manufactured to be suitable for category 4 use as defined in the British Standard For Fireworks (BS 7114), meaning our Mortar Tubes are for professional displays only.
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