Cardboard tubes stacked on each other to form a pyramid

What To Do With Large Cardboard Tubes

Large cardboard tubes, often overlooked and discarded after serving their primary purpose, can be a valuable resource for creative individuals looking to add a touch of innovation to their lives. 

From sustainability to DIY projects, these cylindrical wonders have many uses that extend far beyond their initial packaging role. In our latest blog post, we dive into some ingenious and practical ideas on what to do with mailing tubes, turning them into functional and artistic wonders.

DIY Vertical Gardens

Transform your living space with an eco-friendly touch by creating a DIY vertical garden using large cardboard tubes. Cut the tubes into varying lengths, stack them together, and secure them to a wall or frame. 

The result is a visually stunning garden that takes advantage of vertical space, making it suitable for small apartments or outdoor areas with limited square footage. Fill each tube with soil and plant your favourite herbs, flowers, or small vegetables. This not only repurposes the tubes but also brings a breath of fresh air into your home.

Toy Binoculars for Kids

Encourage imaginative play by transforming large cardboard tubes into toy binoculars for your children. Start by painting the tubes in vibrant colours, then attach a piece of string as a strap. 

The lightweight design makes these binoculars easy for little hands to carry, fostering a sense of exploration and creativity. Whether your kids embark on backyard adventures, imaginary safaris indoors, or observe the world around them, these DIY binoculars provide a cost-effective and entertaining solution.

Cable Organiser

The frustration of tangled cables on your desk or entertainment centre can be alleviated with large cardboard tubes. Cut the tubes into suitable lengths, then thread your cables through them. 

For added organisation, label each tube according to the cable type. You can arrange the tubes neatly on your desk or mount them on the wall, creating a visually pleasing and functional cable management system that reduces clutter and makes it easy to locate specific cables.

Wrapping Paper Storage

If you’re tired of dealing with wrinkled and torn wrapping paper rolls, repurpose large cardboard tubes into a practical storage solution. Cut the tubes to match the length of your wrapping paper rolls and slide them onto the rolls for added protection. 

This DIY storage solution ensures that your gift-wrapping supplies stay in perfect condition for every special occasion while making it easy to access and organise your wrapping paper collection.

Artistic Sculptures

Unleash your inner artist using large cardboard tubes to create unique sculptures and installations. Explore diverse forms, dimensions, and hues to create abstract art pieces that can be captivating centrepieces in your home or garden. 

Adopting this environmentally conscious artistic approach minimises waste and infuses a creative flair into your environment. Consider combining tubes with other materials like paint, fabric, or lights to enhance the visual impact of your sculptures, turning your discarded cardboard into gallery-worthy masterpieces.

Cat Playhouse

For pet owners, large cardboard tubes can be repurposed into a playful haven for your feline friends. Cats love exploring and hiding in confined spaces, making cardboard tubes the perfect building blocks for a DIY cat playhouse. 

Attach multiple tubes to create a maze or stack them to form a cosy hiding spot. Add some soft fabric and catnip for extra feline appeal. Your cat will appreciate the new addition to their environment, and you’ll enjoy watching their curious antics as they explore their cardboard kingdom.

Take advantage of your spare large cardboard tubes today

Large cardboard tubes are more than just packaging materials; they are versatile resources waiting to be transformed into functional and artistic creations. 

This in-depth exploration has provided a range of ideas, from enhancing your living space with vertical gardens to organising your cables and entertaining your kids with DIY binoculars. 

By embracing these creative possibilities, you reduce waste and embark on a DIY ingenuity journey. Large cardboard tubes can enhance your life unexpectedly, so seize the opportunity and turn these cylindrical wonders into something truly extraordinary.

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