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Industrial Cardboard Tubes

Essex Tubes offer a wide range of heavy duty postal tubes for a variety of uses. We use this sturdier range of postal tubes for tape and label cores, reprographic cores, re-cut centres and general purpose cores and tubes. We cover a range of materials from standard performance fibreboard to heavy duty crush resistant fibreboard, meaning we can create cores for a broad range of industrial uses including metal cores, paper cores, fabric cores and paper cores. 

The largest stock tube we provide are B0 postal tubes, but there are many tubes that are useful on an industrial scale. For other strong cardboard tubes designed for use where ground heave is expected, you can check out our range of piling tubes.

High Quality Strong Cardboard Tubes

Industrial cardboard tubes, also known as mailing tubes or shipping tubes, are widely used in various industries for a variety of purposes. Additionally, in industrial manufacturing, they can be used as mandrels or molds to shape and form various materials such as metal, plastic, and fiberglass. All of our products are entirely eco-friendly including our strong cardboard tubes, although they are sturdier this does not limit their recycling benefits. The production process is also chemical waste free and any board waste produced in the tube winding process is sent away to be re-pulped and reused.

Why Use Our Strong Cardboard Tubes?

Competitive Prices

Our industrial tubes are priced competitively and fairly, by purchasing straight from the manufacturer, you cut out any middle men and pay a fair price but do not sacrifice the quality of our strong cardboard tubes.

A Range Of Sizes

We have the facilities to create thick mailing tubes up to lengths of 13 metres and the thickness strength to support up to 12 tonne reels of steel but also smaller, lightweight industrial tubes.

High Quality Industrial Cardboard Tubes

The materials used to create our strong cardboard tubes are of the highest quality to ensure they support heavy weights and are extremely durable in a variety of uses.

Short Lead Times

We can produce strong cardboard tubes on short lead times if your needs are urgent (quantity and size dependent) with the latest cutting machinery which ensures efficient and flexible production.

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Need a bespoke order?

Customisation For Heavy Duty Postal Tubes

Here at Essex Tubes we are able to create custom industrial cardboard tubes, this includes any length or diameter but also allows for the customisation of coloured tube outers and even your company’s personal logo or name printed onto the tube for that professional and reputable feel. 
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