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B2 Mailing Tubes

B2 mailing tubes offer robust packaging solutions for medium-sized documents measuring at 500 x 707 mm.

We produce mailing tubes with extreme precision, every tube we create goes through testing to ensure the measurements are perfect. Our B2 Mailing Tubes are perfect for sending and protecting rolled up documents. The end caps fit tightly and can be taped for extra security. 

These B2 postal tubes are great for mailing, storing and safeguarding posters, papers, documents and other cylindrical items.

Mail your posters and artwork easily without the worry of damage.

Benefits Of Our B2 Mailing Tubes

Straight From The Manufacturers

By dealing with Essex Tube Windings, you are supplied with a direct contact line to us and automatically cut out the middleman, resulting in quicker and cheaper orders.

Competitive Prices

We offer a competitive pricing rate, although this does not mean we lower the quality of our products.

Our B2 postal tubes are produced at a high quality and sold at a fair price.

Custom Tubes

Our postal tubes are able to be fully custom made, this means we can add your company logo and brand colours to the tube outer for that professional feel.

An Environmentally Conscious Company

These tubes, made from recycled fibreboard, are the perfect eco-friendly mailing solution, as they are both recyclable and biodegradable - minus the end caps.
We also ensure all of the elements to our B2 Mailing Tubes are fully recyclable and no chemical waste is produced in the tube winding process.

Quick Enquiry Form

Please fill in the form below. We aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Reliable Deliveries

You can rest assured knowing your B2 Mailing Tubes will arrive safely and on time with our highly reliable deliveries. We can offer free UK next day deliveries on all all of our stock products and a 3-5 day lead time on custom orders and large quantity orders. 

Your order will be able to be tracked at all times, to ensure your peace of mind. We will deliver the B2 postal tubes and go above and beyond to provide you exactly what you desire.

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Anti Roll End Caps

Our newest product keeps your prints and documents extra secure with a solution to the age old, rolling problem. 

Using plastic end caps with the ends squared off removes the ability of our B2 mailing tubes to roll when in transit. 

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