Packing On A Budget: Cardboard Tube Travel Hacks

Get ready to streamline your packing process and make travelling easier! In this guide, we’re exploring budget-friendly and eco-conscious packing tips using cardboard tubes. These simple cardboard tube travel hacks will change the way you travel. 

Why Choose Cardboard Tubes for Packing?

Are you tired of lugging around bulky, plastic containers every time you travel? It’s time to switch to a smarter, more eco-friendly option: cardboard tubes! Here’s why they’re the perfect choice for savvy travellers like you.

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Environmentally Friendly

Cardboard tubes are made from recyclable materials, making them an environmentally conscious choice for your travels. By opting for a renewable source, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and helping to protect the planet.


Unlike plastic containers that end up in landfills, cardboard tubes can be easily recycled after use. They’re biodegradable and break down naturally over time, minimising their environmental impact. 


Compared to expensive travel bags and cubes which can break after one use, cardboard tubes are much more affordable. You can find a range of them on our website or even repurpose the ones you already have at home.

Lightweight Travel Packing Tips

Efficient packing can make or break a trip, and with the right hacks, you can simplify your packing process and protect your belongings. Here are some practical tips for using cardboard tubes.

Tangle-Free Cables

Keep your chargers, cables, and earphones organised and tangle-free by wrapping them around cardboard tubes. Use smaller tubes for individual cables and larger ones for coiling multiple wires together. 

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Shield Your Makeup

Protect dry makeup products like powder or eyeshadow palettes by placing them inside sturdy cardboard tubes wrapped in tissue paper or cloth. For makeup brushes, roll them in a clean cloth and insert them into a tube to maintain hygiene.

Shoe Shape Savers

Preserve your footwear by cutting cardboard tubes to fit inside your shoes, creating a protective shield that maintains their shape during travel. This simple solution prevents your shoes from becoming misshapen.

cardboard tube travel hacks essex tubes makeup shoes
cardboard tube travel hacks essex tubes makeup packing
Sock & Underwear Storage 

Roll up socks and underwear tightly and store them inside cardboard tubes. These tubes act as compartments, separating your socks and underwear and preventing them from getting lost or tangled. 

Arranging Holiday Trinkets

These packing hacks will ensure your accessories stay safe, secure, and readily accessible throughout your vacation. 

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Jewellery Holder

For necklaces, bracelets, and watches, utilise the exterior of the cardboard tubes. Wrap these accessories around the tube to prevent tangling. To keep rings in place, cut a cardboard tube into strips and place them within the rings, creating a holder. 

Larger earrings can be inserted directly inside the tube and secured with tape, ensuring they remain protected during travel. For stud earrings, pierce them onto the tube, keeping them in place and preventing misplacement. 

Neatly Store Belts & Ties 

Ensure your belts and ties stay crinkle-free by wrapping them around cardboard tubes. This practical solution ensures that your accessories are ready to wear whenever you need them.

cardboard tube travel hacks essex tubes makeup belts and ties
cardboard tube travel hacks essex tubes sunglasses
Sunglasses Protector 

Protect your sunglasses from scratches and damage by placing them inside cardboard tubes. Wrap each pair in a soft cloth and insert them into the tubes to keep them secure and shielded from impact.

Eco-Conscious Adventures

Explore the world with an eco-friendly mindset while staying impeccably organised. Here are some simple yet effective tips for whilst you are on the move.

Sustainable Souvenir Packaging

Simply slide your items into the tube to keep them safe and secure during your travels. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also ensures that your souvenirs arrive home in perfect condition.

Trash Compactor

Carry a small cardboard tube to collect trash along the way. Not only does this help reduce the use of plastic bags, but it makes it easy to dispose waste responsibly.

Cutlery Case

Turn a cardboard tube into a portable utensil holder for meals on the go. Simply roll up your utensils and place them inside the tube for easy access. This creative solution eliminates the need for single-use plastic utensils.

Resourceful Travelling Made Easy

Incorporating these cardboard tube travel hacks into your packing routine simplifies your travels and contributes to a more sustainable journey. From organising accessories to protecting souvenirs, these ingenious hacks showcase the versatility and practicality of cardboard tubes.

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