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A Look Back At The Cardboard Tube Fighting League

Cardboard tube fighting is an interesting phenomenon that has come about as a result of the internet. It used to be internationally viral, but now few people know anything at all about this bizarre sport!

Cardboard tube fighting is a unique sport that you can only enjoy if your childhood was full of wasted time and empty promises. Sure, it may have been an indulgent pastime as kids but as we got older we knew better, or did we?

In the late 00’s to early 2010’s, cardboard tube fighting became so popular that an actual league was formed to add to the varying odd sports that existed across the world.

Robert Easley is the man behind what could be considered one of the most unique sports in recent memory. His idea, called Cardboard Tube Fighting League or just “the league” captivated people all over America with its creativity and affordability for any budget!

Eventually, it began to spread internationally with its own branch in Bristol, UK.

How it works

Participants usually range between 30-60 people and they typically battle out either in a 1 vs 1 tournament structure or a full team battle.

The tubes are 1.5 inches in diameter and 36 inches long, with cardboard just under half-millimetre thick. Only official tubes are allowed and are provided at the event.

The duel is won by the last person with an unbroken tube. If both participants break their tubes at once, they’re considered losers and it’s a tie between them!

A tube can be regarded as broken if held horizontal and then bent until its tip touches down around 45 degrees or detached from the rest of the structure entirely.

The Rules:

  • If you break your tube, you’re out. When this happens you must cease fighting.
  • Participants are not allowed to stab, lunges involving tubes will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Do not hit the opponent in their face. This is a very frowned-upon practice and can result in being removed from an event for doing so!
  • At the events, only official CTFL tubes will be available. You cannot use your own.
  • No blocking of opponent’s tube with anything other than with your own tube.
  • Participants must always hold tubes near the end. Somone holding their tube in the middle can be disqualified.
  • Shields are not allowed.
  • Participants need to sign a waiver beforehand.

Sadly, the popularity of cardboard tube fighting has been on a steady decline in America. It still exists but just for occasional battles here and there, though you may find leagues of people who enjoy this sport in other countries.

Despite its decrease in popularity, it serves as yet another example that the human race can make anything fun. Furthermore, it just goes to show how useful and versatile cardboard tubes can be… even after their original intended use.

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