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Packaging For Businesses

Packaging Tips All Businesses Should Be Using

Packaging for businesses is an essential consideration when you ship anything to customers. Your packaging says a lot about you, the way your business operates, and your broader business ethos. Many businesses forget this, which leads them to make simple mistakes in the way they handle their packaging.Consider these top packaging tips, to keep your business packaging as effective as possible.

Minimise The Amount Of Packaging For Businesses

A common complaint consumers have with the packaging is that, in many cases, it’s simply excessive compared to the actual size of the item that is being shipped. This is something you want to avoid because it gives the impression that your business is wasteful, and that you don’t care about your environmental impact. So consider the packaging you use as carefully as possible. Use enough packaging to ship your products safely, but don’t be tempted into thinking that sheer packaging amount is everything. A large box alone is not going to protect what you’re shipping, it needs to be packaged properly.

Be As Green As Possible

Consumers are becoming more ecologically conscious, which means businesses are required to start making considerations in the way they approach packaging materials. With plastic pollution being such a present issue, for example, your packaging shouldn’t contain excessive amounts of wasteful materials. There are easy ways you can offset this by changing the materials you use. For example, eco-friendly cardboard tubes can be used for shipping many different things, and make a much more positive environmental statement. They don’t sacrifice anything in terms of durability, yet make a powerful positive impact on customers.

Celebrate Your Individuality

Customers are awash with packaging thanks to the rise of online shopping – many people have new things being delivered to their homes on a daily basis. This is where you need to make an impact, and you can do this by making sure your packaging is as unique and eye-catching as possible, and that it carries your branding. This is now easier than ever before – for example, Essex Tubes offers a wide range of custom mailing tubes that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Your packaging is yet another opportunity for you to make an impact with your customers. Don’t be afraid to do something new with vibrant colours and eye-catching designs.
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Ensure The Contents Are Safe

It sounds obvious, but far too many businesses are guilty of not using the appropriate packaging for businesses to keep the item they are shipping safe. Remember that on the journey to your customer’s doorstep the package is going to be handled multiple times, and likely will have to absorb a few impacts. Consider this in the packaging you choose – make sure the product can’t move freely and has appropriate impact protection. This not only shows customers you care about making sure their purchases are safe, but it also minimises the risk of damaged items being returned to you. A little more investment in the packaging can make great savings in fewer product replacements.

Package Your Items Appropriately

Your packaging should be in keeping with the item that you’re shipping. If you’re shipping high-value items, for example, then your packaging needs to be the highest quality possible – tactile and luxurious to the touch. If you’re shipping cheaper items, then you need to make sure your packaging for business is in line with that. Customers who are buying higher value items don’t want to receive their goods in cheap, plain packaging – it gives them the impression that you’re just interested in selling the item and not their customer experience. Similarly, no customers want to see packaging that blatantly costs more than the value of the item that they’ve ordered. A fine balance must be achieved.

Seek Advice And Feedback

The simple way of checking if your packaging is appropriate is to ask yourself as objectively as possible how you would feel if you had bought the item and received it in that packaging. Broaden this by asking your employees/friends/family what they think about the packaging terms of your business. Then you should invite your customers to give you their feedback – and it’s this feedback which you want to particularly listen to. Be mindful of any suggestions which seem to crop up regularly in terms of the quality of the packaging you use, the design, or the amount. Be willing to make changes if you feel that changes need to be made.

Contact Essex Tubes For Packaging For Businesses

If you want to invest in high quality, customised, eco-friendly packaging for businesses, to help make your business stand out as much as possible, contact Essex Tubes today.

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