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B0 Mailing Tubes

Our B0 Mailing Tubes are the largest stock tubes we supply. Ideal for large B0 prints, documents and artwork for either storage or delivery.  

We make sure our postal tubes are strong and durable so that the contents of the tube can be transported and contained safely. 

Not looking for B0 mailing tubes? We also specialise in B1 and B2 mailing tubes.

What's Included With B0 Mailing Tubes?

Heavy Duty B0 Tubes

Our B0 Mailing Tubes are designed to be extremely durable and heavy duty.

Any contents placed inside will receive optimum protection when being stored or when in the shipping process.

Competitive Prices

We are always transparent with our prices from the beginning, you won't have any nasty surprises after order completion or any additional extras.

By purchasing from us you also cut out the middle man which in turn gives you access to a fair price.

Next Day Delivery

Our B0 postage tubes are one of our stock products therefore we are able to deliver them with free UK next day delivery when ordered before 1pm on Monday through to Thursday.

Custom Tubes

We are able to add a coloured outer onto your B0 mailing tubes as an additional extra. We are also able to print your logo or text onto the tube outer.

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How Big B0 Paper Size and What Is It Used For?

B0 may not be a size of paper that everyone has heard of but what you should know is that it is pretty large! In millimetres, B0 paper is 1000 mm in width and 1414 mm in length. In inches, B0 paper is 39.4 inches in width and 55.7 inches in length.

B0 paper is usually used for large posters and pieces of text. These can range from posters on the street to large posters designed for businesses that you may see in a store window. They are also used by artists for larger scale artwork.

Environmentally Friendly

We are an environmentally conscious company who strive to continually produced new products, such as our plastic free tucked ends mailing tubes. 

No cardboard goes to waste, due to any waste that is produced being sent away to be re-pulped and reused in further cardboard products. 

This makes our B0 poster tubes manufacturing process completely efficient.

Square anti roll plug

Extra Protection?

Anti Roll Ends

Our new anti roll ends for a selection of our stock products features squared off plastic ends to prevent the rolling of the tubes when being delivered. 

This also enables your mailing tubes to be in a cheaper pricing category if being delivered via a courier that utilises conveyor sorting. 

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