what are the best tubes for posters

What Are The Best Tubes For Posters?

How to find the best tubes for posters?

When discovering the best tubes for posters, whether in shipping or storage, it’s important to touch on a variety of elements, from durability, how secured the posters are kept inside and aspects such as the effect on the environment and shipping qualities.

Postal tubes are a solid choice over cardboard boxes due to creating the perfect fit and assisting in keeping the posters safe without the risk of creases. They are also an advantage when it comes to delivery sizes; a tube is the smallest packaging available to fit your posters perfectly, without excess materials being unused, such as cardboard boxes.

Will posters be safe in cardboard tubes?

Some cardboard tubes will be of inferior quality compared to others, to ensure your posters are kept safe and secure at all times you will need to instead use industrial cardboard tubes, which guarantee to keep the contents inside in the same condition as when they were originally packaged.

Finding the best tubes for custom sized posters

Here at Essex Tubes, we have a ready supply of stock sized cardboard tubes, ranging from A3 to B0; however, if you need to find postal tubes for a specific sized print or poster, we can create bespoke sized tubes at a wide range of dimensions.

We have state of the art machinery which covers over 100 tube diameters ranging from 34mm through to 656mm, and is available in any length.

By using bespoke tubes for your custom-sized posters, the posters will fit by the perfect mm, allowing for no movement when in shipping or storage, which ultimately minimises the chance of any creases or dents in the poster. Our made to measure postal tubes are designed to fit the plug end with precision.

Cardboard or plastic tubes?

If you are conscious about your impact on the environment and are deciding between using plastic or cardboard tubes when looking into what are the best tubes for posters, cardboard is by far the most eco-friendly decision for a multitude of factors.

Cardboard tubes are already manufactured from recycled materials and can be recycled up to three times further. The manufacturing process is also eco-friendly, with any waste cardboard being re-pulped and re-used in further products, and the tube winding process does not emit any chemical waste.

Still unsure?

If you’re still not entirely sure about which tubes to use to safely ship or store your posters, take a look at some of our products and testimonials on our site to decide which product is best for your needs.

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  1. I find it helpful when you said that cardboard tubes are an excellent choice for posters because it’s environmentally-friendly since it’s made from recycled materials and can still be recycled up to three times. My parents encouraged me to sell my art for some time now, but I didn’t listen until I posted it on social media, and it went viral. Since many people want to commission me to make custom posters, I’ll take note of what you said and use carboards tubes for my packaging. Thanks!

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