how to customise cardboard tubes

How To Customise Cardboard Tubes?

How can you customise cardboard tubes?

There are many ways available to customise cardboard tubes, whether this is for personal property or business products. Essex Tubes offer many options when it comes to personalising their products, from altering the length, width and diameter, to adding colours, text and images to your cardboard tubes. 

Customised cardboard tube diameters can range from 34mm through to 656mm and are additionally available in any length with no limitations. Colours are available from a wide selection which can be wrapped around the tubes, or a slightly more costly option of printing a specific colour (ideal for company brand colours) directly onto the tubes.

What customisations work well for businesses?

For businesses, many customisations work well, including custom sizes for specific products. With custom sizes, you can be assured that the contents inside are entirely safe and secure, even when in shipping. A perfect fit means the product encased is not able to move, which prevents any damage or creases to the product. 

Additional customisations suitable for businesses can be having your brand colours either wrapped around or printed onto the cardboard tube, and having your logo printed. These options can even work as a future advertisement for your company if the recipient reuses the customised cardboard tube. Having customised cardboard tubes creates a brand identity for your business, being instantly recognisable upon one glance.

What are the benefits of customised cardboard tubes?

For a customer, there is a vast difference between opening a standard brown cardboard tube to receiving a purchase in bespoke packaging. Custom cardboard tubes give off a professional and expensive feel to a brand and can differentiate your company from other competitors, creating a lasting memory for customers, leading them to purchase from your business in the future and to recommend to friends and family.

Custom cardboard tubes can also assist in reducing despatch costs, for example, when comparing fitting an irregular shaped item in an oversized box to using a streamlined, perfectly fitting cardboard tube.

Are customised cardboard tubes eco-friendly?

Essex Tube’s cardboard tubes are completely environmentally-friendly, each aspect of the products are recyclable, including the cardboard itself, the plastic tube ends and even the water-based glue used to bind the tube together. 

The manufacturing process is also eco-friendly, with a chemically waste-free process and any cardboard used is sourced from previously recycled materials. Any waste cardboard is reusable in further products up to four times.

If you’re intrigued by customised cardboard tubes, read more here and insert your requirements to receive a free, no-obligation quotation.

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