how can you reuse postal tubes

How Can You Reuse Postal Tubes?

How can you reuse or recycle postal tubes?

Our postal tubes are manufactured to be fully recyclable in all households, with cardboard which can be recycled up to a further three times in new products and plastic end caps which can also be easily recycled. Our products are completely eco-friendly, so even if you can’t find a suitable way to personally reuse your cardboard tubes, you can be assured that when placed in the correct recycling bins, the materials used to create our postal tubes will be recycled entirely. Even the glue we choose to bind the cardboard tubes together is water-based, meaning that it can break down with ease.

Our top ways to reuse postal tubes

There are many ways to reuse postal tubes, with the most obvious being as a vessel to post items such as bottles and posters. Our industrial cardboard tubes are created using materials higher than the industry standard, meaning they can withstand damage when in the posting process, keeping your items safe and secure. This idea can also be used when storing products; keeping items sealed and dust-free no matter where they are stored.

Creative ways to reuse postal tubes

If you don’t have the need to reuse your postal tubes for shipping or storing, there are many different creative ideas to try, especially as an arts and crafts activity with children. Some useful ideas include making an organiser for office supplies, a bird feeder (cover in peanut butter then roll in birds seeds), a cable tidy (can double as an organiser when labelling the cables for devices to save confusion) and storage for plastic carrier bags, kept in a visible place to ensure you don’t forget on your shopping trips!

Other eco-friendly options

We understand that many people live a plastic-free lifestyle, which is why we offer a completely plastic-free product, our Tucked Ends Postal Tubes, this product uses excess cardboard which is pinched together to create a sturdy partial seal, ideal for shipping and storing more lightweight products.

At Essex Tubes we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to become even more eco-friendly and encouraging our customers to follow suit. We are always open to suggestions and ideas, so please feel free to comment below.

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