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The Benefits Of Using Cardboard Packaging

Using Cardboard Packaging: The Benefits

There is a vast amount of benefits when you use cardboard packaging. 

You might be mistaken into thinking that cardboard packaging might waver in the wet or burn easily; however, cardboard is a resilient material, holding up as a serious contender against the competition. There’s a reason why you see so much cardboard packaging, and thus, we’ll tell you why:

Why Cardboard Packaging?

It’s versatile, cheap and a lot stronger than the eye may deceive. 

For what’s it’s worth, the strength of cardboard tubes depends on how it’s made. Our cardboard tubes are much stronger than your stereotypical cardboard you might find at home as we make our cardboard tubes from wood pulp which we then process into the adhesive. This process makes the cardboard super strong and a lot different from the flimsy stuff you might find laying around your house. 

In terms of versatility, it can bend to a degree which materials like metal couldn’t, and it can stay together like nobodies business! Have you ever had to pack with one of those nearly-broken, flimsy, half falling apart, cardboard boxes? Well, if you weren’t unlucky, they always surprisingly get the job done, no matter how on edge they may make you feel.

Our cardboard tubes are different, of course, being robust, flexible and made to a very high standard. If a flimsy old cardboard box can stay together, then so can our high-quality tubes, right?

The material itself is a lot cheaper than the alternatives too, and most of all: it’s much more eco-friendly. We’ll leave this point for the next section.

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Because It's Eco-Friendly

Well, we can’t speak for everyone when we say this, but our cardboard postal tubes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and wood. Our tubes can be recycled a total of three times! And the glue we use in our tubes is chemical-free and made to reduce productions impact on the environment.

Still, even if other tubes or cardboard packaging aren’t as eco-friendly as ours, they are much more sustainable than the other alternatives. For example, plastic. Plastic is made from oil, a fossil fuel. As we all know, fossil fuels have been the bane of our modern existence for more than a century now. Plastic cannot decompose too (well not for at least 400 years!) and packaging is often thrown out straight after use. With cardboard tubes, however, even if they’re thrown aside carelessly, they can at least get broken down by the natural elements of the world in a fair amount of time.

In this day and age, we all need to start thinking about the environment. Each year, 8 million tons of plastic gets dumped in the ocean! And that’s only the ocean. Think of the amount being polluted on land too. This is precisely why we’re doing our part: to benefit you, us and the environment.

So, when considering packaging and the environment, get some cardboard tubes: there just isn’t any sense in using plastic.

It'll Get The Job Done

This is the part you probably care about the most: does it get the job done.


They do. Every day, we see satisfied customers surprised by the resilience and quality of the cardboard tubes. They can take the wear and tear, and so does most cardboard packaging. Metallic packaging is impractical, plastic packagings reusability is limited, while cardboard packaging will stay steady while also being practical and reusable.

Production line of the machine which makes paper tube packaging


Although we’ve already mentioned resilience, in a different context, we also mean the amount of uses cardboard tubes have. This may not sound like the most obvious benefit, but once your cardboard tubes have been used one too many times and maybe you’re considering throwing them away, you can give them a new life. 

Some examples include using the cardboard tubes to make artwork as they work as great bases for things like miniature sets, arts and crafts and more. Another example would be using cardboard packaging in gardening. You can use the packaging to maintain and grow a plant in the exact way you desire. By planting the flora inside the cardboard tube in the ground, it’ll restrict the roots from growing out of control.

So, that’s another benefit: even after their time as packaging has been spent, you can still find eco-friendly and useful means to reuse them. If you’d like a few more ideas of uses, then here’s another blog you might find helpful:

top 8 unique uses for postal tubes.


n conclusion, there are many benefits to cardboard packaging, and even more that you’ll have to discover for yourself. At Essex Tube Windings, we provide high-quality cardboard tube packaging. We can create custom cardboard tubes too for all requirements. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. If you did, please leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject.

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