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Choose The Right Packaging This Christmas

Package Right This Christmas

Make sure your packaging is a gift in itself, and the receiver is sure to appreciate it. Christmas is about making every little detail special, so don’t forget the packaging.

You’re struggling to know what to package your valuables this Christmas time? Don’t go for the same old packaging this year: tell your loved ones you care about them with a high-quality Postal Tube to pack your gift. You might be wondering what even the point is?

“Packaging isn’t meant to be fancy.”

Packaging is everything. Trust us, we’d know. The idea behind the packaging is telling the receiver the value of the item inside. Having good packaging is the difference between an excellent gift and a bad one. You might shy away from that thought, but people love to judge very quickly. If you give the same gift twice to two different people, one in a postal tube, and one in secondary packaging, then you’d be guaranteed that the gift in the postal tube would be received much better, even after opening.

Packaging Is Vital At Christmas

If you’re packaging for customers this may apply even more; but, across the board packaging is the first thing people see when they receive what you’ve sent them, and it’s the first impression on arrival. Consider packaging much like the clothes you wear. For example, if you were in a business meeting and you rocked up in, let’s say, a tracksuit, you could have the same message as somebody in a nice suit, except nobody would listen to you, they’d listen to the appropriately dressed businessmen.

The exact principle applies to packaging at Christmas as many people, from customers to friends and family, are more likely to pay attention to the gifts or products that are appropriately packaged.

Christmas presents, wrapping paper, trees and decorations all scattered on the floor

Christmas Packaging For Business

Right, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s focus on the actual packaging. 

We can create customised postal tubes for all situations. We can theme the colour, add your brand logo and colours, and any size you wish! You can utilise our custom tube service for Christmas especially, creating a Christmas-theme tube that has no minimum order number. You can supply your business with an endless stream of Christmas tubes this holiday season.

Christmas Packaging For Everyone

The last paragraph may not have applied to you; however, Christmas still affects absolutely everyone when it swings around.

You might be tempted to resort to some standard wrapping paper this year, but imagine how much more of an impact you could make with a specially-bespoke tube you can put your gifts in. And if you’re concerned about pricing, we offer fair pricing on our tubes and also, the reusability on our Postal tubes is ten-fold that of traditional packaging. Once Christmas is over, you can turn it into storage, or a pencil holder. Maybe recycle it into your next gift, or store all your prized posters in it.

Like I said at the beginning: “Make sure your packaging is a gift in itself, and the receiver is sure to appreciate it. Christmas is about making every little detail special, so don’t forget the packaging.”

Cardboard tube with a rolled up poster next to it

In Conclusion

In conclusion, you might not feel like you do, but you need some excellent packaging this Christmas, especially if you’re a business trying to rake in some Christmas cash. The matter of the fact is, is that packaging is a much more prominent detail that you might first have thought.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your custom tubes now at “

At Essex Tubes, we hope you have a very merry Christmas this year, and a better next year. If you have any burning questions, contact us, and we’ll try to help!

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