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Top 8 Unique Uses For Postal Tubes

Top 8 Uses For Postal Tubes

You’ve either recently bought cardboard postal tubes and have had no clue what to do with them; or, you’re deciding whether they’re even worth your time.

Well, luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 uses for postal tubes, just for you. Some may be relevant to you, and others: well – skip if you wish.

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Posting Your Valuables?

I meant it when I said that we’d start with the obvious. After all, postal tubes are designed to post things in tubes! From posters and art to gifts and Christmas treats, postal tubes protect your content/product perfectly, designed with robust and durable cardboard and made to survive anything that’s thrown their way. Honestly, it’s a must-have when posting some seriously special cargo. Just make sure that the contents inside have no room to bounce around in there, as no matter the strength of the cardboard tubes, if your products are hitting off the innards of the tube, it’ll be sure to get damaged, no matter the postal tube.



Still an obvious one, but we’ll work our way up to the more surprising uses, don’t you worry; but, when it comes to storage, postal tubes are so useful in terms of keeping your content, artwork, or whatever, crease-free, safe and protected. Our cardboard tubes are even fire-resistant! So, although still an obvious one, it’s nice to know that the tubes are great for storing those smaller, forgotten valuables like old drawings or photos that are always just one clean of the room away from being thrown in the bin. 

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Can be used in arts & crafts...

For those that wish the everyday into something more spectacular, our cardboard tubes are a great base to begin some great DIY arts & crafts. From the centre of a cardboard castle to the body of a model you’ve been gagging to make, our cardboard tubes are perfect to be used artistically. For the more serious artist, we even offer bespoke cardboard tubes which can be made in a multitude of ways. We’ll let you decide that part, however.


For Film Sets

Right, Let’s step this blog up a little: film sets. Props are essential to films, and I bet you’ve never noticed a single cardboard tube in the background of any of your favourite movies? Well, they’re hidden, painted, morphed, cut, sliced, glued, conjoined – they’re everywhere. You couldn’t spot one if you tried, simply because cardboard tubes are just that versatile. Each cardboard postal tube gets blended into the background perfectly, but without them, you’d finally notice the difference. Keep that in mind next time you watch a movie!


Mortar Tubes For Fireworks!

Yep. Mortar tubes. Put those fireworks in and watch them fly. Ideal for all those firework occasions. Well, I feel as though this use of our postal tubes is quite self-explanatory: Cardboard tube – fireworks – big explosion. 

Let’s move on then, shall we?

Group of large cardboard tubes tied together


Can be used in construction...

Used as foundations, bespoke cardboard tubes can be used as piling tubes for construction. Specially designed to be used in areas where ground heave is expected and have been given a slip coating. The tubes have been designed in a way where they’ll maintain their circular shape even after the pouring process. So, yes: cardboard tubes can be used in construction too!


Planting Plants!

Digging a hole in the ground, placing the tube inside, and then placing the seed with compost or soil within the tube, will sure control the growth of your plant. If you want a beautiful, orderly garden, you can use the cardboard tubes to restrict larger plants from growing too much. Also, the cardboard tubes are 100% recyclable and have no environmental impact, so don’t feel guilty throughout the entire process!


Great For Your Camping Backpack?

Surviving a hike? Starting a fire? This may or may not be the most surprising of them all, but until you try it, you won’t truly realise how helpful having a cardboard tube is with all your survival kits and camping gear. You can use it to start a fire by stuffing it with flammable materials, or even to store survival gear to sling over your back!

a2 postal tubes stacked on top of each other

In Conclusion

Hopefully at least one of these surprised you a little. If one of them idd, leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts. Our Postal Tubes can be bought for a number of reasons, not just one, so whenever you feel like any of these problems arise, come to us, and we’ll supply high-quality tubes for a competitive price.

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