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Organise Your Home: DIY Storage Solutions With Cardboard Tubes

Of course, we want to save the planet, so we came up with some ways you can recycle your cardboard tubes by using them as storage in your household. This can not only help create more space but also save you money and the environment!

Here are ten ways you can use cardboard tubes for storage in your home: 

1. Organising Cords

By rolling up your cables and storing them inside the tubes, you can avoid them tangling, getting lost or creating a hazard. Label the cardboard tubes, so you know which leads are inside. 

2. Storing Your Socks And Other Fabrics

Cardboard tubes can be used for storing your socks and other fabrics. This will help to keep your socks in pairs and to avoid wrinkling any of your material, keeping it in one place. Using cardboard tubes for fabric storage and organising your socks can help create more space in your drawers and help you find outfits quickly.

3. To Store Small Toys

You could use cardboard storage tubes to store small toys, ranging from toy cars to Lego to action figures. This is a great way to keep your child’s toys organised and easy to find when they hope to play. 

4. Store Your Cleaning Supplies

You could even use large cardboard storage tubes to store your cleaning supplies, as this can help to organise them and provide a more accessible layout to find the cleaning products you need when cleaning. 

5. Store Your Jewellery

We recommend using cardboard tubes with end caps to store your jewellery. You can cut the pipes to size and store necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings and using cardboard tubes with end caps will also keep your jewellery safe and protected from loss.

6. Storing Plastic Bags

This is another eco-friendly way to save the planet, as not only are you reusing your cardboard tubes, but you are also reusing plastic bags. Roll up your plastic bags and keep them inside the tubes for later use; it keeps them organised and makes easy access ready for your subsequent use. 

7. Keep Your Wrapping Paper Organised

You can use cardboard poster storage tubes to keep your wrapping paper organised; again, you would need to cut the cardboard tubes to size, but after this, you can slide your leftover wrapping paper rolls into them. This helps stop your wrapping paper from unrolling or being ripped and damaged before use. 

8. By Storing Your Kitchen Utensils

You can easily organise your kitchen utensils when using cardboard storage tubes to keep the cutlery together. You could use multiple cardboard tubes to separate your kitchen utensils into groups, giving you a more organised kitchen. 

9. Hair Accessories Are Another Excellent Option For Cardboard Tube Storage

This is your more straightforward DIY solution, as you only need to slide your hair ties and scrunchies around the tube and any clips or bobby pins inside. This could save you from constantly losing your hair ties and clips! 

10. Are You Saving Spare Change?

Well, now you can have an easier way to store your change. Get a cardboard storage tube with end caps today and keep all your loose change inside, making it easier to save and, when you are ready to convert that cash, to transport to the bank. 

We hope these examples of storage solutions using cardboard tubes can be factored into your household now, and you can be eco-friendly too! 

Eco-Friendly Storage: Up-cycling Cardboard Tubes for a Clutter-Free Home

Up-cycling tubes is a fantastic way to create environmentally friendly solutions. Unfortunately, cardboard tubes are often looked at as waste. So many don’t realise that cardboard tubes can be repurposed in various creative ways, as in the examples above.

Cardboard tubes can help to reduce clutter, and since you wouldn’t just be reducing your environmental impact by reusing these materials, you could also consider the unique and personalised storage solutions you are adding to your home when reusing these materials. We like to think that a bonus of these solutions is decluttering your home whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. 

From Trash to Treasure: Innovative Ways to Use Cardboard Tubes for Home Storage

As previously discussed, cardboard tubes are usually discarded as trash, but we’ve now demonstrated a few ways you can transform these cardboard tubes into innovative storage solutions for your home. You could create desk organisers, jewellery pots, shelves, and even furniture with cardboard storage tubes; the possibilities are endless. A big help when reusing cardboard tubes is the cost value. Imagine reducing waste AND saving money whilst giving your home that personalised touch. 

Go out there and create storage solutions with cardboard tubes now, and you, too can reduce your carbon footprint whether you have a small or large living space. We believe cardboard home storage is the most fun and rewarding way to give new life to old materials. 

In Conclusion 

Using cardboard storage tubes may not be your idea of fun, but we know if you gave it a chance, you’d never stop! By doing such a good deed for the environment, the possibilities are endless. 

We hope this has been helpful to you! 

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