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Are Cardboard Postal Tubes Durable?

Are Cardboard Postal Tubes Durable?

It’s a good question: Are cardboard postal tubes durable?

Well yes – yes they are. You’d be tricked into believing that cardboard is this weak, undesirable material that becomes frail in the rain, or quickly deteriorates into nothing more than paper mesh. You thought that exactly, didn’t you?

If you did believe that, then you’d be surprised to know that there have been many cardboard materials used in thousands of different, constructive ways. From film sets, to being used in the creation of highways, they support many foundations of things we often take for granted. A great example of this would be a company named “Ban” who remade a New Zealand church entirely from cardboard in wake of its destruction in the 2011 earthquake that took place. You heard right: A fully functional church!

Now your question has been partly answered, let’s include the bit about our postal tubes, right?

Cardboard tubes in the early stages of being made in a factory

Cardboard Postal Tubes ARE Durable!

Our postal tubes are just like those buildings: underestimated in durability and strength. The cardboard we use is made from 100% recycled fibres and is much stronger than the industrial standard too! Those film set tubes and those motorway tubes we were talking about earlier, we have created those for many companies and much, much more. Believe it or not, the postal tubes we make are made from cardboard for a reason. We wouldn’t have our customers trust in the hands of an unproven, shabby material, after all. 

You might be considering plastic packaging also as it has a more trustworthy appeal, but it is terrible for the environment and in this day and age more people are becoming aware of the waste they produce and are less likely to invest in plastic packaging.

Now, time for the really surprising part of this blog! Just watch this video and you’ll see.

Durable And Fireproof


Our cardboard postal tubes are durable – and fireproof!

Proven in this video, courtesy of the Royal National Theatre Of London, you can see evidently that our cardboard tubes can take all the heat, being totally fireproof. So – the products shipped in our tubes are sure to make their destination raw, uncooked, and in one piece! 

Now remind yourself of that New Zealand church made of cardboard mentioned earlier and think: if a building can be made entirely of cardboard, and can also be fireproof, then surely their cardboard tubes can simply protect and deliver my product properly and securely in a cardboard tube? 

Stack of small cardboard tubes with tucked ends tied together

To Conclude

The fact is, is that cardboard tubes are nothing to worry about, and that you can trust us when we say that they can confidently protect your delivery to wherever it needs to go, no matter whether the destination is engulfed in flames or even drowning in rain. So call us or send us an email and any burning questions you may have, we’ll answer them!

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