Eco-friendly Packaging and Cardboard Tubes

Why going Eco-friendly with your packaging can do great things for your business

When it comes to your business, good first impressions are a must. So, when you choose the packaging you use to represent your company, you want to pick something that reflects well on you. With more and more companies now committing to a greener workplace, eco-friendly cardboard tubes and packaging is a great place to start – and will be a great thing for your business. Here’s why:

Make a positive statement

If you’ve ever opened a package and been pleasantly surprised to find eco-friendly packaging materials inside, you know exactly how something as small as green choices can make a big difference to brand perception. If your competitors aren’t yet invested in becoming more eco-friendly, making a statement is a small yet positive way to show your customers that you’re committed towards greener practices. With more small companies and consumers more attuned to eco-friendliness than ever before, you may find it’s that one, little positive statement that sets you apart – and makes you a more desirable brand to work with in the future.

Encourage eco-friendliness from the businesses you work with

Setting new behaviours by example is the best way you can encourage others to take a greener approach. While many businesses may make a large statement – or consider it a PR opportunity – when they switch to green materials, it’s the long-term, subtle benefits that can make all the difference. By showing businesses you work with that you can consistently, affordably and practically use eco-friendly materials for your day-to-day business packaging, they’re far more likely to follow suit. By taking those steps to introduce green packaging such as mailing tubes, you’re sending a positive message and making eco-friendliness more attainable with one simple change.

Benefit your customers as well as your own business

High levels of waste, particularly packaging waste, can be an issue for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By providing materials from packaging that can be easily recycled, or even reused, you can benefit the businesses that you work with. By reducing that waste, and providing more sustainable choices, you can help to make other businesses greener as well as your own. With many companies charged premiums on the removal of waste, it makes far more sense to provide recycled materials over plastics and similar non-eco-friendly options.

Reduce overall business waste, and support green programs

If you’re planning to get certification or accreditation through one of the many greener office schemes or business programs, then reducing waste is one of the key points in that list. While reducing printing and going digital with your paperwork is a great start, if you’re then using materials that aren’t eco-friendly for mass packaging, you’re losing all the hard work you’re putting in. To achieve that green business status, improving your carbon footprint in every area of your company is a must – and packaging should be no exception.

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