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Cardboard Vs Plastic

Cardboard Vs Plastic

We are now more aware than ever before regarding the damage that plastic waste is doing to our planet. Back in early 2018, the government announced its plan to tackle the growing problem of plastic waste. 

This means that consumers are now more aware of what type of packaging they buy, but more importantly, businesses are now more accountable for their waste and the packaging that they supply to consumers. Essex Tubes are fully aware of the facts regarding cardboard vs plastic.

The truth about plastic packaging waste

Only forty-five per cent of plastic packaging is recycled here in the UK, meaning that more than half of plastic waste ends up in a landfill. This is in direct contrast to the eighty-two per cent of all cardboard waste being recycled. 

When comparing these two startling figures it would seem that in the debate of cardboard vs plastic, cardboard is the obvious choice to use as your packaging material. 

Some may argue that reusable plastic is also an option, but this type of plastic will ultimately end up in a landfill and all plastic takes up to around 450 years to fully degrade.

Cardboard vs plastic for your business

Cardboard is a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of packing materials. Cardboard boxes are an obvious example, as they are strong and easy to construct. 

However, paper and cardboard can also be used to create packets, storage envelopes, and eco-friendly cardboard tubes for storing a range of products. 

Cardboard is strong, durable and will protect its contents while in transit. This is good news for any business as it will keep customers happy and will reduce unwanted returns due to damaged goods.

Consumers want cardboard rather than plastic

Consumers are now actively seeking out paper and cardboard due to the damage that plastic is doing to our planet. If your business continues to use plastic packaging you will be actively turning customers away. 

When you switch to cardboard, not only will you be encouraging more customers to use your services, but you’ll feel good at helping the environment by reducing plastic waste.

Embrace the trend

Recycled cardboard is a hugely growing trend. Consumers now want to use recycled and eco-friendly cardboard and paper, so why not opt for using recycled cardboard for your brand packaging? 

You also need to be aware that in the not so distant future there will be a ban on plastic packaging, with the emphasis being on using recyclable products such as cardboard and paper.

A style and shape to suit your packaging needs

When considering packing materials, you need to think about how your brand will be seen. Cardboard is the perfect blank surface that will allow you to showcase your brand. Cardboard is much easier to showcase branding and personality compared to plastic packaging.

Cardboard can also be moulded to your specific requirements in terms of size and shape, helping you to create distinctive and recognisable packaging that promotes your brand. Essex Tubes offer fully customisable tubes in terms of both size and branding.

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Cost-effective packaging

One huge advantage of using cardboard instead of plastic for your packaging needs is that your expenditure will be reduced due to the production of cardboard being much cheaper than that of plastic. 

You will be able to order more cardboard postal tubes, boxes and packets than if you had opted for plastic. Another bonus is that cardboard is much lighter than plastic packaging, and for this reason, your shipping costs will be much lower based on product weight. 

You can also factor in the lower storage costs, as cardboard is much easier to stack and store as it takes up less space due to its flexibility.

Cardboard vs plastic usability

Another huge benefit in using cardboard over plastic is that it is very easy for the consumer to use. It is easy to open and dispose of, and of course reuse. It is also much easier and lighter to lift and transport than plastic. 

Cardboard can easily be torn up and placed in the recycling box. Something that cannot be achieved with plastic.

Consumers can reuse cardboard

We are all now encouraged to reuse items and packaging in our home. Cardboard is a wonderful material for reusing in your home. 

Cardboard boxes can be used for storing magazines, books or paperwork. Cardboard tubes can be used for storing all kinds of things, such as posters, letters, pens and stationery.

Here at Essex Tubes, we are committed to helping reduce the amount of plastic that is found in landfill, by creating eco-friendly cardboard tubes. We provide businesses with industrial cardboard tubes and mailing tubes. 

To find out more about how we can help your business be more environmentally friendly by ditching plastic packaging, then please do get in touch with us today.

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  1. That’s a great point about how cardboard is easy to reuse and dispose of. My uncle was telling me that he needs to get more packing and mailing tubes that are easy to transport and lift. He should go for cardboard tubes since they are easy to use and reusable.

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