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What Are The Different Types Of Cardboard?

Cardboard may often seem like one of those materials that at first thought, you can only imagine one type (which would most likely be what common cardboard boxes are made of).

However, there are actually many different types of cardboard which are suitable in a wide array of situations. With this article, we hope to clarify just what these types of cardboard are so there is no confusion.

In terms of use by people, there are actually 3 types of cardboard that are important to our everyday lives:

  1. Paperboard – Sometimes known as ‘chipboard’, paperboard is a single-ply type of cardboard that you would commonly see used for things like cartons and cereal boxes. This was the first type of commercial cardboard created.

  1. Mat Board – Mat board is a multi-ply type of cardboard that is commonly used in picture frame matting. 

  1. Corrugated Fibreboard – The most common of all types of cardboard, corrugated fibreboard is what is used to create cardboard boxes, the likes that most of us see in our everyday lives. Typically 3 ply, with 2 smooth outer faces and a corrugated layer in the middle.

What is the strongest type of cardboard?

The strongest type of cardboard is corrugated fibreboard if we were being very general about it. However, if you wanted to get more specific, the 5-ply variation which is double wall corrugated, making it perfect for heavy-duty situations. This type of cardboard is so useful because it is able to sustain a large amount of weight, while also being very manoeuvrable in terms of shaping, cutting and drilling into the cardboard.

What’s the difference between paperboard and cardboard?

Well, cardboard is the general name we give to these products, however paperboard is a specific type of cardboard. Generally, when people talk about cardboard, they are referring to corrugated fibreboard. Therefore, if that is what you infer, then the difference would be that paperboard is thin, single-ply cardboard material and corrugated fibreboard is thicker, 3-ply cardboard material.

Is cardboard a type of paper?

Well, in a way, all types of cardboard are all a type of paper. However, if you want to be more specific, then no, cardboard is not a type of paper. This is because paper is one of the raw materials used for creating cardboard, but there is more required like wood chips which are pulped and then different layers are glued together. Because of the specific chemical process of creating the layers of cardboard, you can consider this a totally different product to paper, which is why some may not count it as a type of paper, where others may.

There you have it, the types of cardboard that are important to our everyday lives. There are, of course, more niche and specific types which have been created in more recent years, but they are typically different variations of existing types. Our Cardboard postal tubes are made of both paperboard and fibreboard, the two most popular types and their use depends on the job they are being required to do.

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