5 Interesting Facts About Cardboard Tubes

Surprising Facts About Cardboard

Cardboard tubes. At first glance, you may assume that cardboards tubes, are; well, dull. But, you’d be surprised to realise how interesting the tubes and cardboard in general can be too. From cathedrals to facts, you’ll be surprised at all the random things that cardboard is used for and can do!

The Cathedral


There is currently a cathedral in New Zealand, built entirely from cardboard! After the original Christchurch church was destroyed by a large earthquake, a Japanese architect came to the rescue, and suggested building the new church entirely from cardboard. After construction, the new cathedral was able to hold up to 700 people! The roof is constructed from cardboard tubes also. How amazing is that! Cardboard is much more resilient than many would naturally assume.



Now, there are world-records for just about everything these days; so, we’ve found some of the most notable and interesting world-records. The most notable of these world-records would be the worlds largest cardboard box, which stood at 40 by 20 metres in size! Other entries in cardboard world-records would be the worlds largest cardboard sculpture, building; the worlds largest cardboard stadium; and much, much more!

source: Packaging News

Large stack of cardboard tubes on top of eachother

It's Super Durable!


As we’ve already covered, a literal cathedral has been built from just cardboard, the material. This already speaks for itself, but if you’re not convinced, our own cardboard tubes can withstand a large amount of battering. On the same note, our tubes are durable to the point that they’re flame-resistant! Yes, you heard right; cardboard can be flame-resistant too. Here, we’ve got a video just to prove that point.

Their Use On Film-Sets


Cardboard tubes are perfect for props! From fake tress, to making objects lighter so actors can pick them up; cardboard tubes are littered all around your favourite films. For example, some of our tubes have been used on sets like Fantastic Beasts (the organ pipes), Gladiator (cut and made into the Roman shields), and many, many more. The reason filmmakers love cardboard tubes so much is that they’re super lightweight, and they’re versatile; yet, they can be customised and used as a base for other props too. This differs from – for example – a metal tube, which is not only heavy, but set-makers may also struggle to mask the shiny element of metal, whilst cardboard has quite a neutral texture to build from.

cardboard mailing tubes, essex tubes, stack of cardboard postal tubes



This isn’t much of a fact, but more of a point that many look over. Cardboard tubes are extremely versatile, being able to be used for a vast range of things beyond their original use. the beauty of cardboard tubes is that they can be recycled so many times, and so, even after you’ve finished using them for their original purpose, you may repurpose them into hundreds of different and useful things. We have another blog that covers this more in-depth, if you’d like to read more, on what exactly you could use your used cardboard tubes for. Blog post

void formers for construction


In conclusion, cardboard tubes are a lot more exciting than one might have originally thought. There are so many different examples of using tubes in special and different ways, and we’d need at least five more blogs to cover them all. If you’re interested in purchasing some for yourself, then get in touch, and we’ll help you out.

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