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The Versatility Of Cardboard Tubes In Different Industries

You would find it hard to believe that cardboard tubes are always being used for a selection of different uses all the time in a variety of industries. We will be delving into some of these interesting purposes and exploring which establishments are using tubes in their own amazing way, like using tubes for display purposes.

Retail Environments

Cardboard Tubes are often known to be used in industries such as retail, where they are popular for use in shops. Businesses will place tubes in shop windows displays to position items in a certain place, they are strong enough to withstand the weight of a lot of products and also look neat and symmetrical. The finish of them is extremely smooth, which means a business can paint over or bespoke the products for a clean finish.

World Famous Movie Sets

Another unbelievable use of these tubes is as props on film set designs. As crazy as it sounds, cardboard tubes have been used for an array of movies which you will definitely have heard of. They are extremely adaptable to take on an astounding amount of tasks when being used for these sets. Manufacturers of these tubes will regularly work with the film industry to provide set designers and props.

Essex Tubes has proudly worked with a collection of massive films, making parts of the set or props for the movie using simply cardboard tubes. These include organ pipes in J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, oil and drums in James Bond, as well as Roman shields in Gladiators. You can find more about these projects here.

Firework Displays

When launching firework displays, people will most likely position fireworks to be angled in the right direction using mortar tubes, this makes for a smooth-running and exciting show. They are used for larger firework displays which are watched by large numbers of people. The material used for these mortar tubes is always made out of cardboard which makes them affordable and accessible. If you see a firework display anytime soon, it’s most likely that cardboard tubes were used to conduct it!

To conclude, we hope this article has opened your eyes to how many unique and interesting purposes tubes can be used for. There is such a range of uses for such a simple object, covering a great number of different industries. You never know if you may see cardboard tubes on the next set of your favourite film or in next season’s window display of your favourite shop.

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