Cardboard Tube Ends

For all of our postal tubes, we offer four different variations of our cardboard tube with lids for a range of functions. Our plastic ends include both our standard end plugs and our new anti-roll end plugs. 

For the environmentally conscious, we offer tucked cardboard tube ends which are completely plastic free and ideal for lightweight products. For heavy duty projects, particularly when being used as plinths and larger than 300mm we can supply disks cut from MDF. 

All of our tube ends come with tube caps; however, if you’re ever in a situation where there’s no chance for them to be on the original packaging then we offer them separately too.

What Are Cardboard Tubes With Lids Used For?

It is important to seal the end cap of your postal tube so that it doesn’t get damaged before you receive your product.

If you’re looking to increase the professionalism and enhance the durability of your tube ends, then cardboard tubes with lids should be an integral part. They provide a secure closure that looks great with postal tubes for business use!

MDF Ends

Plastic Ends

Tucked Ends

Stapled Ends

cardboard tube ends Closeup image of a cardboard tube with a square plug

Brand new

Anti - Roll Ends

Our brand new anti-roll end plugs are designed to prevent the tube from rolling when being stored or when in transit. If being delivered via a courier that utilises conveyor sorting, having squared ends also enters the cardboard tubes into a cheaper pricing category. 

Mailing Tube Caps

Mailing tube caps are essential components used to seal the ends of postal tubes securely. They provide protection to the contents of the tube during transit and storage, ensuring that items arrive at their destination undamaged.

They contribute to the overall integrity of your shipments, ensuring that your packages are delivered safely and in optimal condition.

With their ability to provide added protection and a polished finish, mailing tube caps are a valuable addition to any packaging solution.

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