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Buy high quality and durable poster tubes online at competitive prices with Essex Tubes

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High Quality Poster Tubes For Sale

Whether you’re looking for small of large poster tubes, make Essex Tubes your first choice. We manufacture and supply various sizes of poster tubes that are great for many uses. Our cardboard poster tubes are great for storage and shipping items as our products are made from durable materials to withstand any transportation method.

Although we supply cheap poster tubes, this doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality. All poster tubes are made from high quality materials to ensure 100% satisfaction. Buy cheap poster tubes online now.

Why choose Essex Tube Windings?

Essex Tubes manufacture all types of cardboard tubes and cores for a variety of different projects. We supply our customers with standard postal tubes from A3 to B0 sizes but also create bespoke cardboard cores for industries ranging from film production to construction. 

We can create cardboard tubes up to 13 metres in length with diameters ranging from 34mm to 656mm. Our team of helpful staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience. For the best paper tubes on the market, shop via our online store now.

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The Uses of Poster Tubes

When looking for the uses of our product, we could provide you with an extensive list. The most obvious use that customers get from our cardboard poster tubes is the ability to store things like posters and other artwork.

Aside from this, our poster tubes are also great at storing valuables, design purposes and more. Visit our blog where we discuss the top 8 uses you can get from using our top-quality postal tubes.

Custom Poster Tubes

We are able to produce tubes on a 3-5 day lead time. Choose from our range of colours or have your logo or web address on the tube outer. This provides a great level of professionalism for your business and is sure to make your cardboard tube look unique.

Perhaps you just want to personalise your poster tube for another reason? Don’t worry we’ve got you, with our customisation opportunities we can cater to any of your tube requirements.

We also offer the chance to buy tube ends if you want to secure the ends of your postage tubes. Never has mailing packaging been so easy and perfectly tailored to you.

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Why Choose Essex Tube Windings?

At Essex Tubes, we have a passion for what we do. Having established our organisation from the ground up many years ago, we have managed to develop a product that is cost-efficient but durable and high-quality. 

Because we understand what impact the manufacturing process can have on the environment, we are always looking at ways we can help save the earth. Essex Tubes are also an eco-friendly company and we pride ourselves on creating green products made from 100% recycled materials. 

Our knowledgable and friendly team members are always here to help no matter the circumstances. So, if you’re looking for top-quality poster tubes throughout the UK, please contact our team today.

Why use our
poster tubes?

High Quality & Affordable

Our aim is to keep your products safe and secure during transit and by using high quality materials, your items will be received in the same condition they were sent.

Our poster tubes are a great addition to your products safety. From piling tubes to display tubes, we can guarantee high quality, capable of great performance across different applications.

Next Day Delivery

If your poster packaging needs are urgent we are pleased to offer UK next day delivery on all of our stock products. We ensure we can meet your requirements.

Eco Friendly Tubes

We pride ourselves on being an eco friendly company who do everything in their power to reduce waste.

All of our poster tubes are able to be recycled and any waste created in the manufacturing process is sent away to be re-pulped and used in other cardboard products.

These could be custom, heavy duty or just round tubes.

No Minimum Order

If you only have the need for one poster tube, we will happily send you a single tube.

There is no minimum order required for our cardboard cylinder packaging.

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B0 Poster Tubes

B1 Poster Tubes

B2 Poster Tubes

A0 Poster Tubes

A1 Poster Tubes

A2 Poster Tubes

A3 Poster Tubes


We can create an extremely wide range of cardboard poster tubes, our maximum length is up to 13000mm, a diameter of 656mm and wall thickness of 15mm. 

We are happy to accept any quantity of our products and will send out just one item if required. 

All of our stock products are eligible for UK next day delivery if ordered before 1pm Monday – Thursday. Any custom orders or large quantities will be delivered within 3-5 working days.

We can deliver both Nationwide and Worldwide, we have previously delivered to many projects worldwide, including locations in Ghana and Gibraltar. 

Stock orders can be returned, at your own cost, for a full refund of the original purchase price. Read our returns policy here.  

We offer free UK next day delivery on all of our stock products (excludes custom orders). Delivery to certain areas may incur surcharges. You will be informed of this at the checkout stage. 

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