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Cardboard Cylinder Packaging

As a company that specialises in cardboard cylinder packaging, we work hard to provide you with the best possible product. We have paper cylinders with lids which are durable and cost effective products while still maintaining their quality standards.

As part of our initiative to remain an eco-friendly company, our cylindrical cardboard tubes are made from 100% recycled fibres and our production process is chemical-free.

We love hearing from our customers because that means they’re happy with their purchases! We also enjoy answering questions so don’t hesitate if something catches your eye or bothers you about the product – let us know and we’ll take care of it right away.

Please visit our popular online shop to buy from our extensive cylindrical cardboard tubes stock range.


Our Guarantees

High-Quality Packaging

We want to make sure that it arrives in one piece and is exactly what you ordered, so we go the extra mile with our cardboard packing tubes! Not only are they durable enough for any of life's surprises but also fireproof too as an added safety measure.

Next Day Delivery

For a company that needs cylindrical cardboard tube packaging right away, you can rest assured knowing that our stock products are available for next day delivery.

We keep the warehouse stocked to meet these deadlines and promises we make on time delivery. However, if it is a custom order then it will take 3-5 days before they're ready.


Our cylindrical cardboard tubes are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. With new technology, our production process is chemical-free! We've even gone a step further by releasing cylindrical cardboard tubes with lids that don't require the use of plastic for any cardboard packing tubes whatsoever.

No Minimum/Maximum Order

We are able to produce any order, no matter how large or small! We're so confident in our production capabilities that we can supply all the packaging you need.

Quick Enquiry Form

Please fill in the form below. We aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Custom Cylindrical Cardboard Tube Packaging

If you’re looking for custom cardboard packing tubes and branding, we’ve got your back. For a professional look that’s just right for your company, add on our service of adding logos to the cardboard packing tubes or printing colours onto it at an affordable price. 

Our cylindrical cardboard tube packaging can also be provided in any size you require. We can provide up to 100 tube diameters ranging from 34mm through to 656mm available in any length.

cardboard tube ends Closeup image of a cardboard tube with a square plug

Anti-Roll End Caps

Our Anti-Roll End Caps are perfect for preventing any unintended movement from happening when items are being shipped via courier. With our custom plastic caps squared off on both sides (rather than pointed), we can ensure that packages will not be able to move at all while they are sorted by workers.

You can save money on shipping by using a courier service that utilises conveyor belt sorting, and the anti-roll plastic end will ensure your cylindrical cardboard packing tubes are sorted into cheaper pricing categories. 
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