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Which Products Are Most Suitable For Shipping Inside Postal Tubes?

Postal Tubes are hollow cylinder-based products made purely from cardboard and created with the same process used to make cardboard. These tubes are suitable for an endless list of product-based businesses as they can fit a variety of products inside, covering a range of sectors.

As completely eco-friendly products, postal tubes allow you to contribute to the most sustainable method possible. All of the cardboard and plastic used is taken from recyclable sources.

Our manufacturing process of these tubes also produces no waste. Any leftover material is re-pulped and used up to three times again. The tube winding process is also chemically waste-free, meaning as a company, we have extremely little impact on the environment.

Postal Tubes are sturdy and durable products made from cardboard, the ideal packaging for shipping products inside. Their long-lasting quality means that they can be reused time and time again by the recipient and will withstand any disturbances along the mail line.

The products that will best fit within the tubes are documentation or other paper-based products. These can be easily rolled up and fit lengthwise in a cylindrical shape. Examples include blueprints, letters, posters, artwork, and essential documents, like birth certificates.

Additionally, a range of other items can also fit excellently into postal tubes for easy and convenient shipping. Due to their light nature and flexible appearance, any types of coffee, tea, sweets, or light materials like t-shirts are perfect for these tubes.

Shipping your products using tubes is highly suitable for a subscription-based business, alongside the service of customising your packaging in line with the brand elements of your business. You can add specific colours, logos or text which are can help to grab the attention of your customer – your packaging is the first thing they will see when their product arrives.

If your business supplies fragile items or expensive items, it would be appropriate to ship them using heavy tubes, which are made with thicker and stronger parts of cardboard in order to protect fragile items. Any item within the thick-walled paper tube is kept safe and secure at all times.

End caps for these products are in place to ensure the contents inside fit immaculately. This space-saving feature will guarantees that the product you are sending makes no movement and will arrive in the same condition as when it departed.

For a completely plastic-free option of these end caps, tucked ends cardboard tubes are created to make cardboard tubes slightly longer than normal which ‘tuck’ at the end to hold in the excess material and create a partial seal. These are suitable for lightweight products.

It is very clear to see that there are many different products which are able to be sent out in postal tubes as packaging. So no matter the standard of your product, postal tubes will protect it as it makes its way down the mail line and offers support for lightweight or fragile items if they require it.

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