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Poster Mailing Tubes

Our poster mailing tubes, at Essex Tube Windings, are sturdy, strong, and durable, which are used throughout the U.K. Created from fully recyclable materials, we’ve made our poster mailing tubes as eco-friendly as possible. Whether you are a private individual or acting on behalf of a large company, we are happy to help you choose the right poster mailing tubes from our range. With our top-quality range of poster mailing tube products, we can provide a tube that can be used for all manners of packaging applications. 

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Why Use Our cardboard Postal Tube Products

Poster Mailing Tubes

Quality Poster Mailing Tubes

The aim and goal of our products are to keep your valuables safe. Not only do we want to make sure they're safe, we want you feeling like you can rely on us every time. We believe that our quality poster mailing tubes speak for themselves, and we hope that a relation of trust can be built from that fact. After all, that's what we'd expect.

Next Day Delivery

If your packaging needs are urgent we are pleased to offer UK next day delivery on all of our stock products. Custom products however may take up to 3-5 days, as we must create those from scratch. Whatever the product, we will try our upmost best to ensure that our poster mailing tubes get to you as soon as possible.

Eco-Friendly Poster Mailing Tubes

We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly poster mailing tubes. All of our postal tubes are able to be recycled, and any waste created in the manufacturing process is sent away to be re-pulped and used in other cardboard products.

No Minimum Order

If you only have the need for one postal mailing tube, we will happily send you a single tube; however, we can supply as many custom or stock poster mailing tubes as you wish. This is due to our impressive production rates which may keep up with any demand or request.

Quick Enquiry Form

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Custom Poster Mailing Tubes

We are able to produce custom postal tubes on a 3-5 day lead time. Choose from our range of colours or have your logo or web address on the tube outer.

anti-roll cardboard tubes for sale

Anti-roll Postal Tube End Caps For Poster Mailing Tubes

Our brand new Anti-Roll End Caps are perfect for if you’re concerned about your products rolling when in transit. With the plastic end cap squared off, this prevents any movement when in delivery. If you send the tubes via a courier that utilises conveyor belt sorting, the anti roll plastic end enables them to be entered into a cheaper pricing category. This’ll benefit everyone, and overall, make the delivery process a whole lot easier for you. So, make sure your poster mailing tubes are protected, as no matter how strong or durable your packaging is, anything could happen, from rolling, rattling about, and more. These uncontrollable variables can damage the contents inside if the inner tube has too much empty space for the product to bounce around in.

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