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Long Postal Tubes

As the manufacturer, we have the ability to produce high-quality long postal tubes with a maximum length of 13000mm. 

No matter what length of cardboard tube that you choose, we can ensure that we don’t compromise on the quality. Our long postal tubes maintain their durability no matter what the size is.

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Get Exclusive Benefits With Our Long Postal Tubes

Durable Cardboard Tubes

Our long cardboard tubes are created from only the strongest materials available, stronger than the industry standard and sturdy enough to ensure the contents inside sustains from any damage.

Quick Deliveries

Essex Tubes offers a quick lead time on all of our products, with next day delivery available on all stock products (A3-B0) and a fast 3-5 day lead time on bespoke and custom orders, from receiving the order to arriving in the desired location.

A Range Of Sizes Available

Our long cardboard tubes can be manufactured with a wall thickness of 1.5mm to 15mm, a length from 38mm to 13000mm and a choice of 154 diameters ranging from 22mm to 656mm.

An Environmentally Conscious Company

One of our main aims is to be completely eco-friendly, with all of our materials being previously recycled and having the ability to be recycled further.

Our tube winding process is also chemically waste-free with no impact on the environment.

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Customisations Available

We offer a huge variety of customisations for our long cardboard tubes, including colours, logos and the ability to print text directly on the tube itself. These are perfect for businesses using these tubes for branding or for people who just want to draw attention. 

On top of a wide range if lengths, we can also provide different diameters as a means to customisation. Don’t be afraid to get in contact if you’re not exactly sure what dimensions are perfect for you.


A postal tube is a cardboard tube that is intended for storage of items, with the intent to be shipped. They are usually used to store paper of the same size, typically posters and other artwork.

We can create an extremely wide range of cardboard tubes, our maximum length is up to 13000mm, with a diameter of 656mm.

We can deliver both Nationwide and Worldwide.

We can create an extremely wide range of cardboard tubes customised to your specifications. Our maximum wall thickness of 15mm and our minimum is 1.5mm.

We're happy to take any quantity of our products and will send out just one item if required.

cardboard tube ends Closeup image of a cardboard tube with a square plug

Our Brand New Product 

Anti Roll End Caps

Our Anti-Roll End Caps allow for no movement when in the shipping process, ideal for extremely fragile products where any movement may cause harm or damage to the product inside. This product also allows for a cheaper pricing category when being delivered via conveyor sorting. 

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