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Bulk Mailing Tubes

If you are looking for some sturdy tubes to pack up your belongings, we have the perfect solution! Our bulk mailing tubes can easily be recycled and will keep all of your items safe during transit.

Whether you are looking for mailing tubes to use at home or on the job, we have just what you need. We carry an extensive range of high-quality options that will suit your need and budget alike.

We manufacture bulk mailing tubes using only premium grade material so they’ll last throughout even tough conditions.

What Do I Get With Your Bulk Mailing Tubes?

Any Size You Need

We have the capability to create any size and shape tube in order to meet the requirements for whatever use you have for our mailing tubes.

Coloured Tubes

To make our customers feel special, we have a range of vibrant stock colours. We can wrap each tube for the perfect personal touch!

Branded Options

We know that when it comes to business, presentation is everything. We offer a variety of branded bulk mailing tubes, all with your company’s logo printed on the exterior.

No Minimum Orders

We know your business is important and that you don't want to be constrained by a minimum order. That's why we will work with any size order, whether it's just one or a bulk amount.

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What Can Mailing Tubes Be Used For?

Our bulk mailing tubes are a perfect fit for your printing needs. The size of the tube will be tailored to accommodate any plastic plugs you need to insert before sealing it up and shipping out, so contact us with sizing questions!

Our clients commonly order bulk amounts of mailing tubes for several different reasons, some of these include:

  • DIY Projects – Some of our customers will use multiple sizes of mailing tubes in order to make unique creations.
  • Arts & Crafts – There are many cool things you can create just with mailing tubes, making them very popular for artists and even for schools for students’ art projects. Our cardboard display tubes have been used in a variety of settings including on actual film sets.
  • Retail Items – There are many things that require cardboard tubes in our everyday life like toilet roll. This makes bulk mailing tubes essential as the manufacturers of these products will need large amounts.
  • Unique Storage Containers – While some people may buy mailing tubes individually to store items like posters, there are some companies that create unique designs for cardboard tubes and then sell them on. Bulk amounts of mailing tubes are required to be able to sustain this.
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Need fast Delivery?

Reliable Deliveries

We ship bulk mailing tubes within 3-5 days of ordering and provide full tracking so you can follow your order every step of the way. 

We offer free UK next day delivery for any stock items in our range.

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