Black Postal Tube with grey background

Black Postal Tubes

Make your mailing products stand out with black cardboard mailing tubes. No matter what the purpose is, we guarantee that you will have eye-catching products, different from standard mailing tubes. It also can be a blank canvas for any further designs you want to create.

With our ability to create completely custom mailing tubes, you can add extra designs or even put your own branding which can pair nicely with the matt black kraft aesthetic. Complete with a black or white plastic end cap, you will have the perfect product for you storage or mailing needs.

These black mailingl tubes are the perfect solution mainly for storing any products that can be rolled like maps and artwork. However, they can also be used to store other things like bottles or things that are small and circular. 

Benefits Of Our Black Mailing Tubes

Tailored Sizes

We make any size of mailing tubes to suit your brand. If you need something that's too small or large for our products, then contact us and see how much we can do!

Unique Coloured Outers

To make a lasting impression on your customers, we have a range of stock colours perfect for your mailing tubes. Black is one of the most popular colours in this regard and provides a professional touch to any design!

Full Customisation

Our company is here to help you create a reputable and professional image. We offer full customisation options on your black mailing tubes so you can have them tailor-made exactly to your specifications.

No Minimum Order

We're flexible and we want to build trust with you. Our orders come in any size, so don't feel pressured by other providers who only allow a set amount of items per order or charge more for larger quantities than they show on their site!

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Durable Black Mailing Tubes

Our black cardboard postal tubes are made from incredibly durable materials that allow them to withstand any kind of wear and tear. We know this could usually happen in transit or when they are in commercial spaces, like display tubes. Not only this, but they are actually fireproof so you can be confident that your items will remain in tact no matter what might happen. 

Even though our mailing tubes are made from 100% recyclable materials through our eco-friendly production, we still do not compromise on this level of durability. Being the manufacturers, we are able to completely adjust to your needs and have complete control over the quality.

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Reliable Deliveries

Our black mailing tubes can be delivered to your door within 3-5 business days from date of order. Our orders are fully traceable so you will be informed of the location of your order at all times. For any stock products, we offer free UK next day delivery. 

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